More bean theory process/tutorial things because I think i skimped on it with the previous post. (thanks josephsk for coining the term lmao)

I think beans make more sense than guidelines. Mainly because unlike guidelines, this has the added benefit of allowing you to have that confident initial stroke for your line art.

i can’t stop won’t stop drawing all my precious babbu’s with their lovers.

Pierrot - MAD SKY-鋼鉄の救世主

Pierrot is my lifeblood.


I made a walkthrough of my process for drawing faceted stones! Judging by the timestamps from the screenshots I took, drawing this one stone took an hour and three minutes, although I know I went and checked tumblr a couple times while I was working, so let’s just call it an hour.


  • This walkthrough assumes you already know how to use layer masks, the clone stamp, and the lasso tool. There’s also one part where I didn’t label it, but I inverted the selection so I could keep my lines consistent. It’s in the third image.
  • Unfortunately I can’t really help with colour choice and the actual colouring of the pinwheel shape that makes up the back facets, but you can kind of see that I tended to colour with lines that cut across the facets and and kept the outer parts of the facets darker. It would probably be best to find a reference to work from!
  • This particular cut of stone is called the ‘brilliant’ cut.
  • There’s actually a lot of internal reflection business that goes on in a stone, but I elected to ingore all of it since at a distance you can’t really tell anyway.


kill me pls.  putting down basic sketch colours for the background.




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Anonim whispered:
press button, exterminate your whole race, yes thx

Whoa, how long has this been sitting in my ask box…?   I don’t even know what it’s context is at this point LMAO.  

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