Commission I got from twitter user Owldolly~!  I hope they like it uvu

Finally making a commissions post!!!!   I need to make one since it’s been so long after Anime Boston. 70% of the people who commissioned me there didn’t give me correct contact information :/  Which is only like 4 people, but still, eghh.

There really isn’t much I won’t do, lol.

Payment is required after preview sketch for flats and up, upfront for sketches and lineart. I use this money to buy my safe foods and medication.   I also need to start saving up for school next semester!

For an extra charge I can mail a physical copy to you, charge based on location and size of commission.

Please send in your information or questions to either my ask box or at my email nitemarebunbunATgmailDOTcom

More Bunny the succuboo to even out the wip posts~

Precious squishy marshmallow babe

more wip action on my Madokami print  huffs

kingluce whispered:
hey! I was the rin that bought the spikey headband from you today! uwu


Black science babe excellence.

Nikku is so special to me I rarely share drawings of her

Sorry I haven’t been very active, depression sucks.

Here’s a new print i’m working on.   Have you accepted Madokami as your lord and savior?


More bean theory process/tutorial things because I think i skimped on it with the previous post. (thanks josephsk for coining the term lmao)

I think beans make more sense than guidelines. Mainly because unlike guidelines, this has the added benefit of allowing you to have that confident initial stroke for your line art.

i can’t stop won’t stop drawing all my precious babbu’s with their lovers.

Pierrot - MAD SKY-鋼鉄の救世主

Pierrot is my lifeblood.