Princess Serenity keychain GET!

waaaahhh….two down, five to go OTL


Images and information on the Tales of Festival 2014 BD and Limited Edition BD have finally been released!

  • Limited Edition Price: 9,240 yen plus tax
  • Normal Version Price: 6,800 yen plus tax
  • Release Date: 2014/11/14
  • Run Time: approx. 240 min

The Limited Edition set will include the following:

  • Normal Version Blu-ray Disc
  • Limited Edition Special Box
  • Fan Radio Special Compilation CD - “Onosaka Masaya’s Tales Fes Radio!” with special guest Kondo Takashi (Ludger).
  • Special Skit Script Replica (Blu-ray size, 117 pages) - Includes the 5/31 skit “Tales of Dreams” and the “Tales of Character Popularity Contest 2014”
  • Pin Badge Set of 4 and Postcard - featuring original illustration by ufotable

More information and the preview video can be found here!


The first of many keychains im making for aac.   Starting off with a Sailormoon set first~!!





i find it interesting that when it comes to liking girls I’m just like GIRLS ALL GIRLS YES PERFECT GIRLS but with boys i’m like you must fit criteria 1-9 but 9 is optional only if you completely fill criteria 10-13 with a non-optional essay on 21st century sexism due by 5am

I don’t call that interesting. More like “prejudice” “discrimination” or “inherent bias”

could someone please come pick up their crying child

I got the first half of my keychain blanks in today!!!!  Once they’re finished i’ll be selling them at AAC’s artist alley for 5$ ea.   Picture shown is only for example.

They’re a nice size too~!  So hopefully I can get a bunch of good designs in~!  After AAC i’ll start selling them to the general public and take custom keychain commissions.

this just turned me on oh my god space

yooooo, it’s amazing what upping the stabilization on your brush and changing the colour can do, man.     Ofcourse now it’s taking a lot longer but i like the result a lot more.  okayokay i needed to post another wip of this



People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

WIP for another aojaku print i’m working on.  why yes I do have a bias towards aojaku what made you think that

I bought photo keychains to use for my stock at AAC!  

I’ll have about 50 in stock, which means ten designs.

I’m planning on doing Black Butler, Pmmm, Yowapeda, Sailormoon, and animal crossing!!!

I’ll show you guys some previews when I get them in~!!  I might get little beads and bells to put on them for decoration, too.